Whitecliffe is one of the largest Garden city developments in UK.

Whitecliffe is one of the most exciting opportunities for urban regeneration the United Kingdom has had in decades.

The development consists of three villages:…………., where about 30% of the total development area will be set aside for open space.

The main components pf the Landscape and Open space will be:

  • Chalk Spine
  • Cliff edge
  • Cliff top vegetation
  • Lake
  • Green ones
  • Local Parks
  • Village greens
  • Neighbourhood Greens
  • Sports and Play facilities
  • Allotments

The development has been designed to integrate and connect green space and pedestrian and cycle links. 

Whitecliffe will provide two primary schools and a secondary school/education hub.

6500 dwellings,ect.

With a rich heritage, beautiful green spaces, first-class sporting, leisure and arts facilities,