In 2014, the Government announced plans to create a new locally led Garden City at Ebbsfleet, providing up to 15,000 new homes based predominantly on brownfield land, or former quarries.  Whitecliffe, formally known as Eastern Quarry, is the largest development site in Ebbsfleet Garden City. The 667-acre Site is owned by Eastern Quarry Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of Henley Camland who acquired it from its previous owners Landsec in March 2018.  Henley Camland is managing the delivery of the infrastructure, while parcels of land are built out by individual housing developers


October 2023 – Ashmere

October 2023 – Castle Hill

October 2023 – View from Ashmere

July 2022 – The Platinum Jubilee Park opens.

Summer 2022 – Lake frontage works complete including the new jetty.

Summer 2022 – Whitecliffe.

November 2021 – Castle Hill lake front works progress.  Opening planned for Spring 2022.

November 2021 – the entrance to Ashmere with roundabout works complete and the road now open

November 2021 – progress at Ashmere by Countryside/Clarion.

November 2020 – causeway now constructed across the lake

November 2020 – Alkerden Northern Road access in place

November 2020 – Castle Hill now has 950 occupations

October 2020 – making the link between Castle Hill and Ashmere

October 2020 – earthworks continue shaping

October 2020 – roads being laid in Ashmere

October 2019 – looking from Castle Hill into Ashmere and Alkerden

October 2019 – retail units under construction adjacent to community centre

October 2019 – construction of the causeway across the lake begins

June 2018

July 2018

July 2018

April 2014

February 2018

May 2018


Henley Camland’s management team, Camland Consulting, has a proven track record in the financing of residential and commercial developments, structuring land purchase agreements and the practical delivery of ready-to-build development sites.  The team are specialists in their field aiming to ensure Whitecliffe is a great place where people want to live.