Planning approval for Alkerden Education Campus

Ebbsfleet Development Corporation passes planning for the Alkerden Education Campus. The nursery, primary school, secondary school, dual-use sports centre, pitches, running track and tennis courts will deliver an important piece of infrastructure for Alkerden. 

Somewhat different Christmas Carols!…

Despite the lockdown restrictions, Christmas carols took place in Castle Hill, in a very different way! Organised by Reverend Penny Marsh with Ebbsfleet Community Church, videos of the community’s hopes for 2021 along with carols were shared via a van with a big screen that moved around the village.  

Roundabout Artwork

Consultation is underway for residents to choose their favourite piece of artwork for two local roundabouts.  Click on this heading to see more information about the artists and their proposals.

Alkerden Farm

Following approval from EDC, you’ll see some site activity around the outbuildings at Alkerden Farm.  This will not affect Alkerden Barn or the adjoining farmhouse,  which will be protected during the work.